Sex Education season 2 : new large galleys for Otis in the trailer

Sex Education season 2 : new large galleys for Otis in the trailer

This is not looking at season 2 of Sex Education that you will be having the life of Otis (Asa Butterfield). You can discover them in the new trailer for the series from Netflix, the son of the sexologist John Milburn (Gillian Anderson) will still have the right to many galleys, sentimental, and sexual. Attention spoilers.

Courage, there are no more than a few days to wait before discovering the new episodes of the Sex Education on the occasion of its season 2, which promise already we offer many times cults. You can actually discover it in a trailer unpublished (see in our slideshow), the life of Otis will, once again, nothing is normal this year on Netflix.

An eventful year for Otis

The program ? His mother will be in all the wrong shots for the embarrass, either with a job much too obtrusive on its own existence, or his new relationship affect her relationship with Ola. Yes, nothing will be spared this season. And to make matters worse, Maeve – lover, who does not wish to assume it will always be in the corner, playing on his feelings at a distance.

But Otis is reassured, it will not be the only one to take expensive during this next quarter. The video we promised, Eric will also have some heart problems with the arrival of French in high school, while the other high school students will once again be subject to galleys sex all the more improbable and funny as each other.

Season 2 of Sex Education will land on the 17th of January on Netflix.

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