Sex in the pandemic: keep a wall of distance, suggested by the British Columbia

Sexe en pandémie: gardez un mur de distance, suggère la Colombie-Britannique

Although they combine poorly with the concept of social distancing, sexual relationships are still possible in spite of the pandemic of COVID-19, leaves in place a wall between himself and his partner, faith, public health british columbia.

In fact, the Centre for disease control British Columbia recommends, a page on the internet devoted to sex in period COVID-19 – identified by the chain Overall after a recent update, the various solutions for couples in a lack of activity.

In particular, the organization suggested to protect yourself by using a physical barrier, like a wall with an opening in which it is possible to insert a penis (“glory hole”), which “allows a sexual contact while preventing the contacts face-to-face”.

The Centre is also recommended to wear a mask during a sexual intercourse, since “breathing high can generate more droplets which may transmit the COVID-19”.

The sexual partners should discuss precautions, including the wearing of the mask, before having sexual intercourse, the organisation said.

More broadly, the agency recommends to stick to the positions where the faces of the partners are more remote and limited to kissing, to prevent the exchange of saliva.

In order to reduce to nil the risk of contracting the virus, the Center goes on to recommend that couples take their evil in patience by practicing sex virtual, remote. “You are your sexual partner the more safe,” said the Centre inviting people to take their pleasure in hand.

People with symptoms of the COVID-19, who have been exposed to the virus or who must self-isolate should be evidence of abstinence in terms of sexual relationship with others, pointed out to the body in his guide inspired by the one developed by the public health of New York.

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