Sex scandal: calls for a boycott of Rammstein concerts in Switzerland

Sex scandal: calls for a boycott of Rammstein concerts in Switzerland


Women's associations and politicians are mobilizing to force the cancellation of Rammstein concerts in Switzerland after accusations of sexual assault against the singer of the German metal band.

The Swiss Socialist Youth (JS) launched a petition on Thursday evening to have the concerts scheduled for June 17 and 18 in the Swiss capital canceled, although the lawyers for Till Tindemann – the voice and the lyricist of the group – formally deny the accusations made by several young women since May.

“These accusations of sexual assault must be taken seriously! The only responsible thing to do in this context is to cancel the concerts, ”said Thomas Bruchez, vice-president of the JS at the Keystone-ATS agency.

Friday afternoon, the petition had collected more than 3,600 signatures out of the 5,000 targeted and they were increasing rapidly, the Swiss press having widely echoed this appeal.

The Swiss Socialist Women, the feminist organization for peace cfd and the NGO against violence against women Brava also support the initiative.

In the columns of the tabloid Blick on Friday, the Bernese committee of the feminist strike collective demanded that the organizer give up the concerts and said it was thinking about a possible action in front of the Wankdorf stadium, where the two performances are to take place, sold out.

Rammstein – many of whose songs have very raw sexual references – is the German-speaking group that sells the most albums in the world and its global success is also based on the excess of its concerts, with a lot of pyrotechnics and physical presence imposing by Till Tindemann with his deep bass voice.

The case began at the end of May with the testimony of a 24-year-old Irish woman accusing the singer and lyricist of the group of having drugged and sexually assaulted her after a concert the same month in Lithuania.

Other young women then testified, all describing more or less the same scenario.

The groupies were allegedly spotted in the front rows of concerts, filmed or photographed so that Lindemann could make his choice, before for some of them being invited backstage for parties.

Some would have been drugged before undergoing the onslaught of the singer, 60 years old.

“These accusations are invariably false”, assure the lawyers of Till Tindemann.

“We will take legal action immediately for all such allegations they threaten.