Sexual allegations: Rammstein wanted young girls to party in Quebec in 2010

Sexual allegations: Rammstein wanted young girls to party at ; Quebec in 2010


Members of the Rammstein band's entourage asked the organization of the Festival d'été de Québec to find them young girls for a party that took place after the concert on the plains of Abraham, in 2010, a request that was denied, learned The Journal.

“They asked that and we told them no. We told them that it didn't do here,” recalls Daniel Gélinas, who was the general manager of the FEQ at the time.

This information has been corroborated by the current FEQ team.< /p>

“Difficult to go back with precision in our memories of 2010 but it seems to us to have received a request from the touring team of the group to facilitate contact with spectators, a request that our reception staff as well as our production management refused. confirms Samantha McKinley, vice-president of communications for the festival.

According to journalistic investigations published in German media in recent days, singer Till Lindemann allegedly sexually assaulted several young girls thanks to a system recruitment deployed during the group's concerts. Two of them say they were drugged without their knowledge and assaulted.

An employee of the group would have acted as a harvester. She filmed and photographed girls sitting in the front row so that Lindemann, described as a sexual predator, could choose which ones they wanted to invite to the party. She was kicked out on Tuesday.

Ejected from the lodge

In 2010, even though the leaders of the FEQ had refused to play the matchmaker, people from the Rammstein team still tried to carry out a call-up in the festival's corporate box, which is located very close to the stage, on the Plains.

“We asked them what are you doing there. They told us they were coming to see if there were any girls. They were told to leave. They left,” says Daniel Gélinas.

“We had never seen that. It never happened for other artists. Employees were outraged,” he also mentioned.

Girls at the party

A party finally did take place after the concert, backstage. Young girls participated, according to a source who confided in the Journal and who was present during this evening held after the concert which had gathered more than 75,000 people.

< p>To date, no guest at this party has filed a complaint for an attack, neither in 2010, nor during Rammstein's return to the Summer Festival in 2016.

Since their visit to the FEQ in 2010, the Germans also played in Montreal in 2011, 2012 and 2022. Contacted by Le Journal, a spokeswoman for promoter evenko said that she had heard of no problematic behavior by the group during its visits to the metropolis.

– With the collaboration of Raphaël Gendron-Martin< /em>

Protection measures demanded by the German government

The German government on Tuesday demanded protective measures for the female public of Rammstein after accusations of sexual assault against the lead singer of the metal band.

“Young people in particular need to be better protected against attacks,” German Family Minister, environmentalist Lisa Paus, told AFP, as Rammstein, one of Europe's best-known metal bands , is in full tour on the continent.

The minister proposes in particular the establishment of protection zones for women during concerts as well as teams likely to intervene in the event of sexual assault.

We must discuss “quickly and concretely” protective measures, asks the minister, for whom “a serious debate on the responsibility of artists and organizers vis-à-vis their fans would be useful”.

Squads in Quebec

In Quebec, special mobile squads have been set up in the main festivals in recent years to help vulnerable people at concerts, especially female spectators.

At evenko, Les Hirondelles has been in service since 2017. In Quebec City, at the Festival d'été, we created La Brigade in 2018.

“We n 'let's not wait for a situation like Rammstein's to happen to put initiatives, means and resources in place,' says Samantha McKinley, vice-president of communications at the FEQ.

She adds, however, that in light of the Rammstein affair, “we are going to look again at the mechanisms that are in place to ensure that we avoid unfortunate situations like that.”

– By the AFP and Cédric Belanger