Sexual assault of a teenager: he allegedly poisoned her with cannabis, crack and GHB

Sexual assault of a teenager: he allegedly intoxicated her with cannabis, crack and the GHB

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A young teenager who had serious substance use problems in the fall of 2020 was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man who previously had been addicted to cannabis, crack and GHB.

This is the sad story that was reported on Monday by the prosecutor, Me Louis-Philippe Desjardins, while the investigation was held into the release of Raymond Maxime Leblanc, a 48-year-old individual who has a history of trafficking. drugs, threat, harassment, common assault, mischief, theft, break and enter, fraud, concealment, obstruction and driving while prohibited. & nbsp; & nbsp;

On November 11, 2020, as Lydia ( fictitious name) was looking for cigarettes on Avenue Myrand, she was approached by Leblanc, who lived there. He then allegedly offered her a cigarette, adding that she could come to his house to “smoke a joint”. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Once in the living room, the man allegedly showed him a table containing several kinds of drugs, including speeds and GHB. Subsequently, they would have consumed cannabis, then Leblanc would have taken out of the free base and puffed a puff of crack in the face of the young girl. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

< strong> Intoxicated

“The effect is immediate and she thinks it's wonderful. They will consume eight to ten times. He then suggests that she take GHB, telling her that it made him dirty and that he took it to masturbate, ”said Me Desjardins. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

With the agreement of the as a teenager, he poured it into her glass and, after 5-7 minutes, “she started to feel aroused”, according to the evidence presented to Judge Thomas Jacques. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The man then reportedly took the teenager to his bedroom, where he allegedly had full sex, without a condom. Lydia, who noticed that the man had his penis tattooed, then left, then, when she got home, her mother heard her cry and tell a friend “that she got caught from behind by a man. “& nbsp; & nbsp;

” At first she didn't want to press charges, but after going to therapy she chose to do so, “Lydia's mother testified. & nbsp ;

Weak guarantees

To guarantee his freedom, Leblanc presented as surety his ex-spouse, to whom he would have confided about two month. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“When he spoke to me, he told me he was not guilty,” said Audrey Haince, who agreed to be bail because she “intends to resume” with Leblanc . & nbsp; & nbsp;

The accused, who says he works as a “trustworthy man” or “handyman”, also offered to commit under signature for an amount of $ 5,000, in specifying that he had “no interest or dark thoughts for the victim”. & nbsp; & nbsp;

However, considering “the marked risk that the accused will commit a new offense if liberty ”, Judge Jacques chose to detain Leblanc, who will return to court in mid-January. & nbsp;

 Sexual assault of a teenager: he allegedly intoxicated her with cannabis, crack and GHB

Sexual assault of a teenager: he will have it t addicted to cannabis, crack and GHB

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