Sexual harassment: a wave of testimonies against the stars of the web

Harcèlement sexuel: vague de témoignages contre des vedettes du web

Strangers have become idols in the eyes of the teenagers thanks to the advent of vlogs and YouTube. But almost 10 years later, accusations of sexual harassment, descend on the social networks that many have abused their celebrity status behind the screen.

Charlie Earned was only 13 years old when Jay St-Louis, one of the best-known personalities of the canvas in quebec at the time, had added to his friends in Facebook. All of this goes back to 2013, but she still remembers the feeling of euphoria that was then inhabited.

“I didn’t have a lot of friends at school, I was experiencing bullying. I often said to the other young people I knew Jay St-Louis. They thought that was cool. I felt special,” said the young woman, who finds today, with the benefit of hindsight, that his idol has taken advantage of his vulnerability from the top of his late twenties.

Gradually, their conversation became very unhealthy. The vlogueur could sometimes insult, sometimes to be especially generous, even going so far as to offer him to work for him.


At other times, he slipped in a sexual innuendo, obsessed by his puberty.

Until 18 years old, Jay St-Louis continued to exert a huge influence on her, even if she has seen only once in person within the framework of a public event. It is because of his advice, for example, that she enrolled in multimedia at cegep, a program that it has since abandoned.

Charlie Won entrust always be fragile when she looks back at this match-toxic, but it wished to take the floor in the wake of a new wave of denunciation that is making a lot of noise on Facebook and Instagram the past few days.

Gab Roy and company

The dozens of testimonies are multi-featured web québec, of which a good part of them gravitated in the early 2010 around the controversial Gab Roy, this old vlogueur said sex offender to life in 2015.

“I was on a private group Facebook fans Gab Roy… It was commenting on their business and they took advantage of to meet. With the girls, it was not long that there were sexual allusions,” explained Juliette*, who wants that one uses a fictitious name, because she was always afraid to see, even if all of this goes back to almost ten years, at a time when it was not yet 16 years old.

She even left Montreal last year because it fell too often on them in the places she frequented.

Maryloue Harton has tried this medicine around 2010. At 14, she dreamed of becoming a youtubeuse and Gab Roy was his idol. Quickly, his advice is become excessive.

“Now, young people are even more exposed to it with TikTok. It must be borne in mind that the people with whom we talk on the internet are never the same in real life. It is necessary that the parents monitor what their children are doing on their cell,” insisted the young woman from the Lanaudière region who aspire more to the instant celebrity today.

Open Secret

Unlike Gab Roy, Jay St-Louis was up on Saturday still active on the web. After having been host to Music More, he had founded the page Facebook Fruiter, a page of humor satire the most popular in Quebec.

Saturday night, in front of all these testimonies, the other administrators of the page have turned back.

“We always say to be wary of Jay, however, we saw the [screen shots] today and we immediately took action. We stayed in the denial without knowing the allegations, and we apologize,” they wrote on their page, which has often been a standard-bearer of progressive values.

TheQMI Agency was not able to join Sunday, Jay St-Louis, which seems to have disappeared from social networks.

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