Sexually assaulted by her brother, she is shunned by the family

Sexually assaulted by her brother, she is shunned by the family


A 15-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by her brother has to live with the weight of not being believed by loved ones and the guilt of breaking up her family even though it's the accused who was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.  

“If there was one thing that the victim should remember from this decision, it is that she has no responsibility for the actions that the accused made her live and the consequences caused within her family. . The court hopes that the victim will not forget it”. It is in these words that Judge Hélène Bouillon wanted to speak directly to the victim after having pronounced a sentence of 4 and a half years to the accused. 

Because the victim has seen all her relatives abandon her since the day she reported her brother for a sexual assault. In November 2017, the teenager returned home after a three-month absence. 

Very close to his 26-year-old brother, the victim was particularly happy to see him again in November 2017 after an absence of three months and they had spent the evening playing video games until his eldest spoke to him about sex. The man who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim then initiated sexual contact on his private parts, enticed his sister to masturbate him, then lowered his panties in an attempt to penetrate her.  

The victim tried to escape until the accused stopped his actions. Her brother then apologized, arguing that she was “the sister he loves a little too much” by making her promise to keep this secret to herself. 

L 'accused rather than victim 

The teenager who felt “gross” after the gestures quickly reported her brother to the authorities. The latter never acknowledged the facts while his family sided with him rather than supporting the teenager.  

The latter no longer attended family Christmas parties, was shunned at funerals, “lost the love” of her grandfather and had to attend alone at the courthouse in front of his mother and brother. The courageous young woman was still believed by judge Hélène Bouillon who declared her brother guilty.    

The judge was very harsh on of the behavior of the accused, now 30 years old, before sentencing him to a 4 and a half year prison sentence. Despite the difficulties experienced by the victim, the judge insisted that she had done the right thing.  

“Let’s hope that the feelings of shame and guilt currently present are replaced by the feeling of having done the only thing she should do, which is to speak out despite all the difficulties encountered”, concluded the court.