Sexy Dasha Astafieva admitted that very much wants children

Сексапильная Даша Астафьева призналась, что очень хочет детей

One of the most striking devushek in the Ukrainian show-Benesse spoke about their experiences

An ordinary girl from a working class family in the Dnipropetrovsk region has become incredibly popular a decade ago.

Dasha Astafieva became the only Ukrainian model who managed to make friends with American founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner. Despite the fact that the whole world knew about Daria after she in front of hundreds of journalists from around the world took off their underwear, now Astafiev recognized that this isn’t the life dreamed.

According to the sexy model and singer, her life resembles a fairy tale. Due to problems with the law in the beloved, Astafiev can’t normally and to live in peace.

“Everyone hee hee, ha ha, ASTA is fighting for her groom. But nobody knows what it is. I, like any girl, want a family, want to be a bride, a mother. But not in the condition I want it to do.

Also, she told me that she can not get pregnant.

“So the personal drama. There’s nothing I can do, and a man can not do anything. I don’t want anyone to experience what is happening now with us. I wanted a baby from the first day I met Artem. He called me on the first date. I instead listen to it, sat and thought, he will be a good dad. Don’t know, perhaps it is not our time. We want from day one, believe me”, – shared their experiences Astafieva in an interview with TSN. On the question of why can not get pregnant, she flatly refuses saying, because it is a sore subject.

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