Shailene Woodley will play with Robert De Niro and a young Shia LaBeouf in the crime drama

The actress will perform a difficult role in this film

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Шейлин Вудли сыграет с Робертом Де Ниро и Шайей ЛаБафом в криминальной драме

Shailene Woodley

Actress Shailene Woodley, who played in the second season of the series “Big little lies” joined Shaie Labash and Robert De Niro in the crime drama “After the expulsion” (After Exile), reports Deadline.

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The film tells the story of Mike Delaney (LaBeouf), who after his release from prison for the murder of an innocent man during a robbery returns to her former life. With his father he intends to pull his younger brother from the world of crime and drugs.

Mike’s father Ted Delaney,a former criminal who lost his wife many years ago and is now suffering from alcoholism and guilt, will play Robert De Niro.

Woodley will play Dana, a woman who grew up with Mike Delaney and whose complicated relationship with him leads to drugs and depression. After his release from prison Mike Dana tries to rekindle their relationship, moving in with Mike and his father. Joshua Michael stern (“jobs”) will put a picture on the script, Anthony Thorne and Michael Tovo. The latter wrote a story based on real events from his life.

Shooting will begin in the fall in Philadelphia, about the release date of the picture is not reported.

Earlier, Shailene Woodley appeared in public with her new boyfriend Ben Volavola. This was the first joint output of a pair, because earlier, the actress did not appear in the company of Ben at official events.

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