“Shame on them!”: Laurence Cristol, Renaissance MP for the 3rd constituency of Hérault, blasts the Socialist Party

"Shame on them!": Laurence Cristol, Renaissance MP for the 3rd constituency of Hérault, blasts the Socialist Party

Laurence Cristol : “L’annonce de la candidature de Fanny Dombre-Coste m’a profondément choquée.” Midi Libre – RAYAN DEWALQUE

Ex-LR today Renaissance, the outgoing MP for the third constituency of Hérault (Montpellier-Castelnau) attacks the union of the left, and more especially the socialists, who have allied themselves with the Insubordinate France.

You received the Minister of Health this Wednesday. There were few people there but beautiful people. Why did she come ?

To support my candidacy. We worked well together. She called me on Monday, she said: I'm coming. And on Wednesday, after the council of ministers, she came. Since January, we have formed a dream team together on the two laws I worked on.

Did you expect this dissolution on the evening of the European elections??

Absolutely not. I was on my way to Paris, in the middle of examining the bill on the end of life. We were at Article 7, there were 50 amendments left before moving on to Article 8, for which I am the rapporteur. I had an appointment at 9:15 a.m. on Monday with the group's bureau. I got on the plane, I was an MP, I arrived, I was no longer.

Did you hold a grudge against the President for his decision??

I was surprised. Afterwards, I told myself that it was proof of great courage. But after two years of relative majority and a chaotic atmosphere in the Assembly, I could understand that he wanted the French to say what they really want. If I imagined myself, after a few hours of reflection…

Oh really, you hesitated ?

This is an important decision, which we do not take lightly. It’s a fight. What decided me was: one, that I deeply believe in the values ​​of the Republic, even if it may seem lame. Two, I find that the files I carried on the end of life are important, expected, I will not let go of them.

There is your record as an MP. But there is also the record of Emmanuel Macron. Isn’t it its failure if the RN is where it is today??

The extreme right has been on the rise for many years in our country, it is not recent. Same in all European countries. Afterwards, we made mistakes, that’s for sure.

What are you thinking about ? Pension reform ?

No, this one was a necessity. We had to enable the sustainability of our social protection. No, perhaps we made mistakes when it came to listening. We have not heard enough of the fear and anger that was rising and we have not explained our actions enough, that is for sure. There, we have an electroshock. And I cannot resign myself to giving citizens the choice of voting only against the extreme left or voting against the extreme right.

You see yourself in the National Assembly with a Prime Minister from the extreme right or the extreme left?< /p>

It will bring chaos, division, hatred of others on a societal level. And on the economic level, we will enter into bankruptcy. Their programs are synonymous with higher taxes and unemployment.

In your constituency, there is the RN and the Union of the Left, which is ultimately your main opponent.

The announcement of Fanny Dombre-Coste’s candidacy deeply shocked me. I am very angry. I do not recognize the PS that I respected, those with whom I was in front of the Holocaust monument on Sunday and who, at the end of the week, allied themselves with rebellious France, I do not recognize those who say: "we are going to appease the neighborhoods" and who ally themselves with those who hate the police. I respect a man like Stéphan Rossignol who resigned after Eric Ciotti's announcement. I do not recognize the Socialist Party which allies itself with rebellious France. It makes me angry. Shame on them!

You really mean it?

Yes, shame on the PS which allies itself with rebellious France! What I see today scares me, it’s an electoral maneuver. I will never ally myself with the extremes.

Tapping the PS is because it is your main opponent in the constituency ? The RN is starting from further away& hellip;

It is not the PS that is my adversary, it is its alliance with rebellious France. We know the RN, those who vote for them it’s their choice, it’s not mine. There, for an electoralist and hypocritical principle, we want to hide the fact that it is an alliance with the extreme left. And people stop telling me that if they win it might be a socialist Prime Minister. If they want Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Jordan Bardella, let the voters do it in their soul and conscience. The best to hold the helm is Gabriel Attal. In addition, by submitting to the Rebels, the local PS risks offering them the city in 2026.

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