Shary Boyle and the Meeting of the Self

Shary Boyle and the Meeting of Me


With the exhibition In Front of the Palace of the Self, Canadian artist Shary Boyle makes use of theatrical and playful references to address various contemporary themes. The self put forward excessively with social networks in particular, and all this range of beings asking only to be accepted and honored in this world. 

There's a lot to see and understand in what makes up this (too short) exhibition of new pieces from the Scarborough-born designer in suburban Toronto. With the theater, its mechanisms and its characters as a backdrop, the installation is presented in eight segments, like eight tableaux making up a play she would have written under the theme of the self. 

A inventive and original way for the multidisciplinary artist to present to visitors his way of working art: by combining painting, sculpture, drawings and characters composed of wax, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, sandstone…< /p> The work Sainte cephalore by Shary Boyle.

Here, the inner self and the outer self confront each other, sometimes on paper, sometimes in the form of an enormous whiter than white doll or a wax automaton puppeteer pulling the strings of various characters-metaphors of human contradictions.&nbsp ;

Waxwork by Shary Boyle titled Judy.


From the dressing room to the stage, we discover the star of the show (remember to bring a dollar coin to make her dance), the puppets, the parade (while the collective action of one can become the riot of the other), the orchestra (it is possible to choose the soundtrack of the exhibition) and the finale all in mirror sending us back to our own gaze. 

This theatrical and human journey is colorful, lively, singular, and sometimes necessarily confronting. 

The new exhibition Devant le palais du Moi by Shary Boyle is on view at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts until January 15, 2023.