Shawinigan to Boucherville, it makes multiple attempts to fly before a chase

De Shawinigan à Boucherville, il fait de multiples tentatives de vol avant une course poursuite

MONTREAL | Monday, a man was arrested after a series of traffic crashes and theft attempts started in Shawinigan, in the Mauricie region, which is finished in a chase in Montreal and Boucherville.

According to the police, around 20 pm, the suspect has committed an act of piracy traffic on the avenue Georges on the use of physical force against the woman driver was not injured.

The man, in his flight, collided with another car, without hurting the passengers, and then continued his route on highway 55 and then highway 40, where it will be spotted by the police of The Assumption, who had tried to stop in vain.

To 21: 15, the police Department of the City of Montreal is informed by the Sûreté du Québec, who received at the same time the information of a collision on Sherbrooke street, near the avenue Gamble, to Montreal, which involved the suspicious car.

The suspect struck a moving automobile and took possession of the vehicle, making out the two occupants.

A little later, the same thing with another car, but the suspect was not able to take possession of the second car.

The man, 39-year-old then pulled over a car unoccupied.

The police chased the thief, and because of the dangerousness of his behaviour, she tried to stop it by causing a crash, but without success.

The suspect was able to continue his route and take the highway 20, still chased by the police.

His mare stopped at Boucherville, on the boulevard de Mortagne, at the exit of highway 20.

The suspect has tried this time to steal a police car, but officers have worn a gun electrical pulse to put an end to the events.

No patient is to be listed among the police forces, as among the passengers of the second car was hit on the island of Montreal.

A woman of 18 years and a man of 17 years who were in the first car, in Montréal-est, were injured and transported to the hospital for minor injuries.

The suspect was transported to the hospital for injuries that do not put his life in danger and where he will be questioned.

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