Shay Mitchell mom : criticized on a picture of breast-feeding, it reacts

Shay Mitchell maman : critiquée sur une photo d'allaitement, elle réagit

Shay Mitchell mom : criticized for her photo where she is breastfeeding her baby, the actress replied

Shay Mitchell has become the mother of a small Atlas, Noa, and has posted a picture of breastfeeding on Instagram. An image that has received criticism. In the Face of attacks from some internet users, one that was known in Pretty Little Liars has responded in the comments.

Shay Mitchell responds to criticism

On Tuesday 10 December 2019, Shay Mitchell posted a beautiful photo of her and her baby on his account Instagram. The mom of the little Atlas Noa appears sublime in a green dress, iridescent, open, with long sleeves and puffed. The star is breastfeeding her daughter, lying in her arms. In the caption of the post, she said : “Breast friends”or “friends of nursing” in French. A shot that has received some criticism in the comments.

While many users seemed shocked by this image, a viewer said : “She doesn’t even look at the baby, it is not connected with the baby it is connected with the camera”. Shay Mitchell which is part of the collective, World War Zero then took the floor to answer him. “I missed the part in the books for baby that said that I had to maintain eye contact with my daughter when I breastfeed, rather than to capture a beautiful moment that we shared all the two,” said the actress of Pretty Little Liars.

The stars support

Despite some critics, who has also played in the series for You (which will be a season 2 soon available on Netflix) has been able to count on the support of its fans and many people, including celebrities. In the comments, many celebrities have thus, for example, confided that they found this photo beautiful. Among those who have complimented Shay Mitchell, among others, the tops Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Graham, the actresses Hillary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens, or even the actresses Troian Bellisario and Torrey DeVitto, who have turned with her in PLL.

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