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She admits to having cheated a seniors' residence

She admits to cheating a seniors' residence


The former general manager of a residence for seniors in Quebec City admitted to the nurses' disciplinary council that she had extracted tens of thousands of dollars from the establishment she ran.  

Lucie Couturier admitted on Monday that she had cheated the Cardinal-Vachon residence in Beauport in several ways from 2011 to 2018. She could face an 18-month debarment and a fine of $5,000. 

The Disciplinary Council of the Order of Nurses of Quebec must render its decision on the joint sentence suggested within 90 days.

Our Bureau of Investigation revealed at the beginning of the month that Ms. Couturier and her husband Claude Gauvin, the former president of the Order of Accountants of Quebec, had discreetly reimbursed more than $207,000 to the residence, ending a civil lawsuit. . 

On Monday, comfortably installed in a richly decorated room and impassive during the virtual hearing of the Disciplinary Board, Lucie Couturier spoke only a few words. 

She was mostly content to answer “yes” when asked if she acknowledged the facts. It was assistant trustee France Desroches who recounted the escapades of the experienced nurse. According to her, Ms. Couturier minimized the facts during the investigation. irony that the nurse considered that she had “granted herself a few sweet things”, that she maintained that she had contributed a lot to the residence and that the sums embezzled were “a simple due”. 

According to the assistant syndic, Ms. Couturier all the same expressed regret in a sworn statement, “which testifies that she has walked on”.

She is not, however, at the end of her troubles . In late September, the couple were criminally charged with fraud and theft over $5,000. The case will be back in court on November 15.

According to what was presented to the Order of Nurses on Monday, Lucie Couturier developed a scheme to sign checks herself, countersigned by her accounting technician. This allowed her to pay herself more than $94,000 in “bonuses” and overtime to which she was not entitled under her contract. 

She went so far as to sign herself a check for $25,000 a few weeks before Christmas, in 2014.

Mrs. Couturier would also have appropriated more than $32,000 in goods paid for by the residence. Its maintenance manager notably noticed that a new television, intended for the Cardinal-Vachon recreation room, had instead been interchanged with a used model. The new television would have been brought to Mrs. Couturier.

Last week, Claude Gauvin was temporarily suspended by the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec.

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