She didn't breathe for 23 minutes: student found unconscious with torn nails in her university room

She didn't breathe for 23 minutes: student found unconscious with torn nails in her university room

La jeune femme a été retrouvée dans son dortoir. Illustration Unsplash. – Nguyen Dang Hoang

Le 12 mars 2024, les parents d'une étudiante américaine retrouvée inconsciente et grièvement blessée dans son dortoir en novembre sont sortis du silence. 

"As a parent, I want to know if there is a possibility of someone entering the school or on campus is potentially dangerous." Bella Willingham's parents, 21 years old, still don't understand not what could have happened to their daughter in the fall, reports Lex 18 (NBS News).

The Asbury University student was found seriously injured in her room on campus. 

Found in serious condition

The young woman's parents remember the terrible evening when they learned that their daughter was in serious condition: "At 11 p.m. that evening, we received a call from the resident director of her dorm, and she tells us that Bella is in an ambulance on her way to the emergency room, that she was found unconscious on the floor of her room by her roommate."

The paramedics received the parents and explained to them that their daughter had probably not breathed for 23 minutes. Transported to an intensive care unit, her condition is alarming and it cannot be ruled out that she suffers after-effects. 

Gashes on her legs, swollen limbs, torn nails…Bella will spend a week recovering at the University of Kentucky Hospital. 

An open investigation

An investigation was opened to determine the origin of his injuries. The police initially attributed his condition to a fall from his bed. His parents strongly rejected this hypothesis: "There is no way this could have been caused by anything other than someone doing something to him."

The university maintains that there is no threat on its campus. A letter was sent to registered women in order to collect information and carry out prevention. 

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