She gets to steal two puppies for a day and a half

Elle se fait voler deux chiots pendant une journée et demie

MÉTABETCHOUAN–LAC-À-LA-CROIX | The owner of a kennel to Métabetchouan–Lac-à-la-Croix has had a very bad surprise at the end of the week.

Not only she has found that her dogs, who were given food low range, had all been sick, but in addition, two puppies of five weeks had been stolen. These have fortunately been able to be recovered.

The misadventures of the owner of the kennel of the mountain, Marie-Eve Drouin, who started on Saturday night.

“At 17, I was [at the kennel] with guests. I am part and returning to 20h to feed [the dogs], I found that I was missing two puppies and that the dogs had all been fed with this as there are least expensive on the market; the animals were sick,” she told TVA News.

However, the two puppies have been stolen, Merlin and Snow, are between the ages of five weeks only, increasing the anxiety of Mrs. Drouin. Normally, the dogs leave their mother at 10 weeks.

“It was pandemonium. In the evening, I was with my mother crying, my life, it was the end of the world for me. It is like my children, it is as if one takes a child, removed from his family, it is the fed that there is more crap on the ground… that’s how I felt, ridiculed in what I love,” expressed Ms. Drouin with emotion.

A few hours later, the owner of the kennel has informed the police and issued a message on the social networks in the hope of being reunited with the two puppies.

“I have sent this on Facebook. The magic has operated. I’ve had more than 80,000 people who have seen my publication”, she told.

Any door to believe that his message has been heard. “When I arrived at 7.30 am this morning [Monday], I found my two puppies in my entry in a small cage of cats. They had water and food. I was happy that they come back close to their mom”, is excited about Marie-Eve Drouin.

“It was not people who were ill-intentioned, because the puppies would never be income, otherwise! I could see that they thought that the dogs were not fed, they wanted to do well, but if they had been contacted just come and see with me how it is my passion, they would have changed your mind”, she added.

For the moment, the owner of the kennel is unclear as to who was able to commit this gesture, but she focuses on the positive: the puppies are back, healthy, and secure place to avoid another similar situation.

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