She is hot!

Elle fait chaud!

Monday, in my column on Valerie Plant that wants to fight the ” supremacy of the masculine “ in French in Montreal, I’ve talked to you about the artist, a feminist-vegan French Typhaine D.

The one who wants to put the ” e “everywhere, as in “valleys” and ” doomed “, or ” a smile “.

I have received great feedback from readers (which also includes the readers) that were laughed obsession to butcher the French language with writing inclusive or ” gender-inclusive language “.

But I’ve also received a number of reactions from offended feminists, who told me : “Why do we say “it is snowing” and not “it will snow” ? ”

I imagine that it must be said that it was hot yesterday Montréale ?


Speaking of that dear Typhaine D, she even expressed on Twitter yesterday, the wish to come very soon in Montreal : “It I long to go back there to play my shows” feminist.

Owl, I am told, that we déconfine the more quickly you will be able to go hear him sing his versions of feminist classics ! Youhou ! I can’t wait to hear him sing his version of “feminist and sorore” of On va s’aimer encore Vincent Vallières, you can only hear in that moment on Facebook.

She describes it thus : “the words that say our dreams of shelters, feminists, anti-spécistes vegans and sorores, and a future finally at peace, without the violence of men, after our victories, when she does tie remains, tranquillemente to tie love again and again, my sorores ! “.

(I copied its full text, sorry if this is hard to understand.)

Note how the words of this sublime song have been subtly modified to convey its message while at the shades :

“We’ll love again / through The fighting / Against the patriarchy / Feminist and sorores, we will love again / When our p’tites sisters will be in the following /, And the attackers leak / When the justice is on our side / With the end of impunity, When force of resistance / It will have put a stop to their violence.

We will love him even through fights / Like Baba Yaga Feminist and sorores / We will love again when one has a home / With a vegetable of the cabbage with the carnisme abolished / dancing with the sows.

When you will cuddle with the cows to rabbits / When we will never again fear that it will finally between sisters / We’ll love again

When the time will have changed That this will be the time of equality / When the rapists will be deceased / the peace is ra here to stay. ”

On her videos, Facebook, Typhaine D sings in front of a wall on which we see a drawing of a vulva, and a drawing of arc-en-ciel ” It’s going to go well “.

And it ends its ” benefits “, making a sign of vulva with his fingers and saying, “Sisterhood” to the camera.

How to say ? It is wonderful.


A reader, Jean-François Couture, wrote to me following my review by asking a good question : “Why do we say A celebrity, A baddie, a star, A prima donna even if you’re talking about a man ? ”

This is what makes the charm of the French. Oops, the French.

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