She makes $1 million a year pretending to be a dog on Onlyfans

She makes $1 million a year thinking she's a dog on Onlyfans


An American woman has made a fortune by giving up her job as an optician to act as a full-time dog, reports the Daily Star. 

Jenna Phillips, 21, is better known to internet users by her pseudonym “Puppy Girl Jenna”

In 2020, she decided to quit her job to open an Onlyfans account. Less than two years later, she's made over a million Canadian dollars by chasing a ball, catching a disc and eating dog food.

The one who's also active on TikTok recently posted a video in which she walks down the street on a leash. She also starts barking when she sees another woman tied to a barrier, like a dog.

The two women start barking at each other like two arguing dogs, until Jenna Phillips' “master” orders her to continue on her way.


Luck I was being held back 😤

♬ original sound – Jenna

The video has been viewed by almost 21 million people on TikTok.

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