She pretends to have cancer to avoid prison, but receives a sentence 3 times worse

Pretends to have cancer to avoid jail time, but gets 3 times worse


A Californian woman, who embezzled more than $160,000 from her employer, fabricated her cancer diagnosis to avoid jail time. However, his new sentence is worse than the previous one, according to information from the National Post.  

According to notes written by a San Diego oncologist, 38-year-old Ashleigh Lynn Chavez had cancer cells in her uterus and was undergoing surgical procedures.

Because of her condition, she also could not repay her ex-employer, according to another letter.

However, those notes turned out to be false, federal authorities said . 

This false diagnosis allowed him to avoid his sentence initially set at one year's imprisonment for six months. 

This week, two years have been added to his sentence.