She receives a new heart in full pandemic

Elle reçoit un nouveau coeur en pleine pandémie

MONTREAL – A 13-year old girl was able to receive a new heart at the hospital Sainte-Justine, despite the upheavals related to the coronavirus.

Camille is followed from his birth because of his heart problems. Last November, it was announced that she would need a new heart.

The teenager was hospitalized in February and has spent 89 days in the intensive care unit.

Camille has first of all received the heart of Berlin, a mechanical heart, waiting to receive the body as expected.

“She was very ill, she had an inflammatory syndrome very important. He really had put,” says his cardiologist, Dr. Marie-Josée Raboisson.

She lived 20 days with the mechanical heart before the call comes in : a new heart was finally available.

The girl is greatly thankful to the donor family.

“Thank you for having accepted the donation of organs because there is not enough awareness for this cause. With your kindness, you saved a life,” said Camille.

In Quebec, 20 children and teenagers are in the waiting a transplant. A young person has been transplanted since the beginning of the year.

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