She receives packages from Amazon all the time and does not know what to do

She gets packages from Amazon nonstop and doesn't know what to do


A woman in the western suburbs of Washington D.C. is sick of receiving dozens of packages from Amazon that she never ordered.

Liz Galtman first arrived home one day to discover nearly 14 boxes placed outside the door of her residence. 

Stunned, she contacted Amazon who simply told him to keep the products. 

What was inside? Children's bed sheets, which she didn't need, let alone such an amount. 

Not wishing to throw away the belongings, she went to a return counter from Amazon near her home to get rid of it.

Even though she contacted Amazon many times, asking not to receive any more packages, she continued to receive them. < /p>

The company told her there was simply nothing they could do about it. 

Liz Galtman even tried to stop Amazon delivery people before they dropped off the boxes on his porch, which didn't work. 

These were just telling him that the purchases belonged to him. 

“It's frustrating, and on many levels,” she told local channel WUSA in an interview. 

Journalist Eric Flack tried to help her by contacting Amazon through media relations. 

The company replied that they would contact the lady to apologize, but also pick up packages delivered in error. Amazon also intends to contact the seller to stop deliveries. 

Despite the journalist's efforts, the lady still received 9 additional boxes after the broadcast of the report.