She survives a fire by falling into a vat of chocolate

She survived a fire by falling into a vat of chocolate


An American woman narrowly survived a Pennsylvania factory explosion by falling into a vat of chocolate, which extinguished the flames on her body.< /p>

“When I started to burn, I thought it was the end for me,” said Patricia Borges, 50, in an interview with The Associated Press from her bed. hospital.

On March 24, an explosion at the R. M. Palmer chocolate factory in Pennsylvania claimed the lives of seven employees and injured a dozen others.

When the flames began to invade the building and the ground gave way under her feet, the 50-year-old thought she would not make it.

Fortunately, it was in a vat of chocolate that she completed her fall, extinguishing the flames in the process. However, she allegedly broke both heels and a collarbone, the news agency reported.

For more than nine hours, she allegedly called for help, caught in the chocolate liquid that came to chest level, while firefighters fought the blaze on the upper level.

“She was in a severe state of hypothermia” and “absolutely confused,” Ken told The Associated Press. Pagurek, who helped lead the rescue efforts as a program manager for Pennsylvania Task Force 1.