She takes a selfie as her car sinks in the Rideau Canal

She takes a selfie while her car sinks in the Rideau Canal


A reckless motorist who found herself in trouble on the roof of her car sinking in the waters of the Rideau Canal on Sunday, found nothing better to do than immortalize the moment with a selfie, while neighbors rushed to her aid.

It all started when the young woman took it into her head to rush at high speed on the course of frozen water in Manotick, south of Ottawa, driving his little yellow car, late afternoon.

This bad idea ultimately proved costly for the motorist, who smashed the ice with his speedster.

This is when the situation took a strange turn. Far from panicking, the young woman climbed onto the roof of her car and saw fit to take a picture of herself on her sinking car, a moment ironically photographed by a neighbor who witnessed the scene.

Despite everything, many neighbors rushed to help the reckless, shows images obtained by the radio channel 580 CFRA.

A witness to the scene, Zachary King, told CTV News that one of his neighbors brought a rope and rushed to get a kayak. “I was untangling the rope, he came back, we tied him to the kayak and we sent him [towards the young woman]”, he summarized.

Another video shows the young woman being pulled over the ice in the kayak, to blame herself from the edge of the canal.

Ottawa police say the young woman has been arrested and charged criminal for dangerous driving.

The maritime division of the police, it specified that the driver was not injured and took the opportunity to remind that one must always be careful when driving. adventure on a frozen river.


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