She ties her children to chairs, because they are hungry

She ties her children to chairs because they are hungry


An American woman has been arrested and charged because she allegedly punished her three children by tying them up, according to information from the WKMG television channel.  

The facts go back to the weekend of August 6, according to the father. 

During this weekend, Ymani Bain, 30, reportedly bound her children's hands with duct tape purchased by grandmother Frances Chew. 

Afterwards, Ms. one of them on the wall and those of the other two children on a chair. The grandmother would have encouraged her to do so. 

All this for what? Because they would have taken a slice of pie without asking their mother. 

Both women denied the allegations, WKMG reported.

On Tuesday, Ymani Bain was arrested for child abuse. She has since been held in Volusia County Jail in Florida. Bail was set at $15,000.

As for the grandmother, she was charged with child abuse, but was immediately released. 

The children allegedly been placed with relatives.