She urges Quebecers to wear the mask

Elle implore les Québécois de porter le masque

While the obligation of wearing a mask remains criticized by some, a young 21-year old woman who suffers from two chronic illnesses implore Quebecers to “help” with it.

Marylou Tremblay was thirteen years old when the symptoms of a mysterious evil has begun to manifest. Many bruises, chronic fatigue, bleeding of the nose : the diagnosis came at the age of fifteen.

It was a rare chronic disease that is characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels, which account for just a couple of reviews in the scientific literature.

She has since learned that his life would never be the same. She knew she was going to have to fight.

“More than 350 days of hospitalization, three transfers by air-ambulance, a month in intensive care, five major surgeries, more than 20 surgeries a day under anaesthesia, [of] treatment by injection, more than 15 to 20 pills per day, two blood transfusions […] a full hair loss “, lists-does it state that she has been through for the past six years.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a further diagnosis was added in the last month : a chronic inflammatory disease of the large intestine, known as Crohn’s disease.

Marylou, more smiling, and with all his hair, when they can get a little rest between treatments.

His daily life

Through this path of the fighter, the young woman from Quebec had to protect herself and others.

“My immune system is fighting against myself. As soon as there is a bacteria in my system, be it influenza, the flu, gastro or a small business, it will grow 100 times worse “, explains the young woman of 21 years, moved to Quebec to be closer to the centers of care.

No choice for it : the visits are reduced, the disinfectant is an essential to carry around on a daily basis and wearing a mask in public is no longer an option for the past six years. A reality in which she must live since his first diagnosis, and that it comply scrupulously to stay the best possible health.

“It is sure that it is not pleasant to have a mask in the face all day long, but it is all in the same boat,” says Marylou Tremblay.

If she says understand the resistance of some in the face mask, Marylou calls for Quebecers to be conscientious of those “who do not have the luxury” of having a health concrete.

“No choice,”

“Maybe it isn’t for you, but sometimes one has no choice. This is what I have learned with the disease, ” said she, telling have learned to live with the looks annoying when she puts on a cover face.

“Don’t see it as a chore, implore-t-it. Is it possible to get help and help others ? Well, yes. If not, take two minutes and think : if it is not done for us, why we would not do to protect others ? ”

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