She votes in favor of a firm that asks for money: an elected official of Blainville is the subject of an investigation

Elle vote en faveur d’une firme qui lui réclame de l’argent: une élue de Blainville fait l’objet d’une enquête

The municipal councillor of Blainville, who has voted in favour of a major builder who asks for money is withdrawn from caucus and is now the subject of an investigation by the Commission municipale du Québec.

On Tuesday, the City of Blainville has indicated by way of a press release that it would also “audits the internal administrative” in order to determine if the advisor Marie-Claude Collin is placed in a situation of conflict of interest.

Our Bureau of investigation reported Monday that Ms. Collin had twice voted to the city council on resolutions regarding the Group Mathieu, whose approval of plans for the construction of housing, without that it mentions its link with the promoter.

However, this important builder of the North Shore is currently the advisor, through an affiliated company (The dwellings NB inc.), for an amount of 143 753,46$, including for the payment of rents and of taxes unpaid for the years 2018 to 2020.

It is to him that owns the premises in which is housed the daycare of Ms. Collin, Aqua Nemo. According to the owner, Ms. Collin owes him money for the past two years.

A person who knows

Until our investigation Office questions last week, no one at the City was aware of the conflict between the advisor and the firm.

The internal Policy of management of conflicts of interest of the city of Blainville clearly states that each elected officer is obligated to manage his personal affairs so as to avoid being in a situation of conflict of interests in the exercise of its functions”.

It is also “forbidden” to an elected official to take part in decisions if he is in a situation of “conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest”.

She wants to work

Following our report, the Commission municipale du Québec has contacted the City of Blainville to inform that it has opened an investigation into the allegations, which relate to the councillor.

For its part, Blainville claims to have also sought a “professional opinion” to determine if the woman has contravened the code of ethics of elected representatives or to the municipal by-laws in force.

Marie-Claude Collin has also announced that it was withdrawing from the caucus of councillors, the time for the situation to be analyzed by the City.

“Conscious of the ethical issues and not wanting to interfere with the municipal administration, I take the decision to remove myself temporarily from the caucus and the committees of which I am a member, the time that light be shed in this folder. I am committed to provide all the elements that can facilitate the work of the different bodies”, she declared by way of press release.

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