“She was beautiful”, – Danilko after national selection dived in all serious with a “mom Serduchka”

"Она была красавицей", - Данилко после Нацотбора нырнул во все тяжкие с "мамой Сердючки"

today, 15:04

Famous Ukrainian singer Andrei Danilko, who know and love under the stage image of Verka Serduchka, admitted that he was having an affair with Inna Belokon (mother branch).

This became known thanks to the statement of Andrew in the show “Glory”, whose guest he became. The actor openly talked not only about his life and career, but also about romantic relationships.

"Она была красавицей", - Данилко после Нацотбора нырнул во все тяжкие с "мамой Сердючки"

Danilko, photo: Lux FM

So, under the heading “Lie to the Glory” Andrew M. admitted that he had a relationship with the mother of Verka Serduchka, namely with actress and constant companion Danilko, Inna Belokon. Inna has been an integral member of the public appearance of Verka Serduchka at all social events and concerts in the role of mother of Verka, Inna Adolfovna.

Previously, this star couple was thought to have an affair, but neither Andrew nor Inna rumors did not comment. In addition to recognition about the affair, the performer said that she is still his close friend and recalled their first meeting.

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“Our meetings were full of antipathy. I thought, “God, what?” and also she thought. She was beautiful and I was handsome as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. She had a skirt tat, the Turkish sweater, Malinovka … And I was cute too, especially worn more than the jacket, so more to appear. Because without it, I was very thin, really MOP.”, – said Danilko.

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