“She will be DG in the NFL”: Quebecer Catherine Raîche impresses her colleagues

“She will be GM in the NFL”: Quebec's Catherine Raî che impresses his colleagues


Quebecer Catherine Raîche is already impressing her colleagues at the Cleveland Browns. According to head coach Keven Stefanski, it's only a matter of time before she becomes general manager.

Assistant to the GM and vice-president of football operations for the Cleveland team since last June, the former Montreal Alouettes has had time to get used to her new environment. The star of a short Browns documentary airing this week, Raîche received rave reviews as part of the 2023 NFL Combine.

“She will be general manager in the NFL. This is what she is capable of. It's not a question for me, Stefanski said in this nine-minute video posted on YouTube. The impact she will have on our game will be immeasurable. Young girls will be able to see in Cath an example to follow.”

This is also Raîche's first appearance in the media since being hired as Andrew Berry's right-hand man. While she shares Stefanski's goals, the new mom wants to take the days one at a time.

“I would like to be a general manager one day. I have always given myself goals in relation to my career, but what is important is what I am doing at the moment. I like to stay in the present,” she said.

Model employee

Prior to joining the Browns, Raîche worked for the Philadelphia Eagles for three years. At football operations, she left a beautiful business card. So much that general manager Howie Roseman is a bit bored.

“You realize pretty quickly how smart she is, how much she loves football. She helped us build plans for the team and worked on very important files like a CEO would.”

“That's why Andrew stole it from us”, he concluded with a smile.

Berry agrees with his counterpart. By entrusting tasks to Raîche, he understood how much the Montrealer knew about football. The former lawyer completed her career change in 2015 wonderfully.

“Catherine is one of the most talented employees of the general staff with whom I have had the pleasure of working. There's nothing she can't do. She can assess, she can manage, she can lead. She is very good at contract management, very intelligent and very strategic,” he explained.


Raîche said to herself very well received by the NFL football community, an environment still dominated by men. According to her, diversity is the most beautiful and effective thing in today's sporting world.

“People like Andrew and Howie see beyond the person , she said. We often talk about diversity and inclusion, but it is the diversity of thought and experience [that is important]. […] It is now thanks to creativity and different approaches and qualities that new ideas are surfacing.”