She writes her first novel at the age of 14

She writes her first novel at the age of 14

LITERATURE. Passionate about sports, reading and writing, Lenna Ménard merged her interests to write her very first novel, The diary of a sportswoman. The 14-year-old girl plunged into this adventure with great ambition, participating in all stages of the edition.

The diary of a sportswoman was born from the overflowing imagination of Lenna Ménard. “I started writing it two years ago. I was already writing for pleasure and I wanted to go further in one of my stories, ”says the young author who wrote her entire first volume by hand.

The novel is in a diary format. Each chapter represents a day in the life of the heroine, Vanessa. “It’s the story of a teenage girl who goes to a campsite. She gets bullied because she plays sports and it’s rare that you see a girl who plays sports. I chose to talk about this because I love playing sports. I took some elements of my life, ”she says, adding that the majority of the action is romanticized.

Lenna Ménard had in mind to publish her novel as soon as she started writing. Helped by her family, the young author approached a self-employed publishing house, Dame Plume’s notebooks. The editor Susy Desrosiers was immediately charmed by the young girl’s proposal.

“In the first meeting, she presented her book to me. I had found it so interesting what she presented to me. She presented me with a reality of her age, she explains. Throughout her story, she includes texting. To present it, we blew bubbles. It really represents the life of a teenager. ”

Lenna Ménard is the youngest author of the publishing house Dame Plume’s notebooks. In the eyes of Susy Desrosiers, it is important to encourage the literary succession. “It’s important to show young people that they are capable. There were efforts, but she persevered. In a way, she became an entrepreneur. She had to manage her budget. She had a lot to learn, ”concedes the editor.

The teenager was involved in all stages of the editing, from proofreading with the help of a proofreaders Canada company, the layout and choice of the cover page. “I had my picture taken near a basketball hoop. I had read a book before and on the cover page it was not a drawn person. He was a real person. I thought it was fine. I was inspired by it, ”she says.

The impression was made last spring. Lenna Ménard hoped to be able to make a traditional launch. Pandemic requires, the teenager presented a virtual launch at the end of November.

In any case, the young girl is proud of her achievement which has 194 pages. She is already working on the second volume.

For the moment, the book is not in bookstores. Readers can reach the author via her Facebook account: Lenna Ménard.

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