Shelters for women in red

Refuges pour femmes dans le rouge

Shelters for women victims of domestic violence are on the edge of the financial abyss because the emergency aid promised by Quebec and Ottawa is slow to come because of possible bureaucratic worthy ” of the house that makes crazy “.

“The government is totally unreasonable not to be able to react in an emergency to an urgent situation “, said Gaëlle Fédida, co-chair of the organization Hosting Women Canada.

From the month of march, Quebec city and Ottawa have announced emergency funds to help homes for the women victims of violence to cover the additional costs incurred by the pandemic. But, the help was slow for several.

“We expect after the form M30 “, is indignant-she describes a shuffle worthy ” of the house that makes crazy “.

During this time, between 1 April and 4 may, nine women were victims of feminicide in Canada, compared to five at the same date a year ago.

Vital Service

Because of the containment measures, women already at the edge of the abyss before the crisis have found themselves in head-to-head with their abuser. For them and for their children, the foster homes are vital.

“They save lives “, breath Melissa, who confided in the Newspaper on condition of anonymity.

Melissa has affected the fund from the first days of the confinement. It is locked up in the room of her children that she finally called the police to his rescue. Mom of two young children, she was rescued at the beginning of the month of April by The Delphinium, a hotbed of Montreal.

Although it leaves nothing seem to its residents, Sabrina Lemeltier, the director-general of The Delphinium, wondered how making ends meet that month. In addition to public support slow in coming, it can no longer count on several corporate donors, nor on the help of volunteers.

In houses such as hers, the consequences of the pandemic and possible bureaucratic are real. Many, for example, relied on donations of food, but are now being forced to buy food on account of containment measures.

But, Ms. Lemeltier can’t afford to drop the weapons, because it fears that the socio-economic crisis caused by the pandemic causes an increase in violence. “The real battle is only beginning,” she said.

Funding absorbed by the bureaucratic machine

The bulk of the financial assistance of $ 2.5 million promised by Quebec’s shelters for abused women did not go into the coffers of organizations on the ground.

The funds would have instead been absorbed by the CIUSSS (integrated Center for academic health and social services), says Gaëlle Fédida, the Alliance’s provincial shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence and Accommodation for Women Canada. “The CIUSSS we have stolen our money,” ton-t-it.

Alice Bergeron, the press attaché to the minister responsible for the status of women, explained that the money has been distributed ” according to a regional distribution using an index calculated in function of the needs in social services and the violation rate for domestic violence “.

Specifically, “the majority of the money has remained in the public system,” says Sabrina Lemeltier, of The Delphinium, which has received barely enough to cover the additional costs incurred by the COVID-19.

Federal funds

Homes for the women of Quebec are slow in addition to the assistance of Ottawa, which announced $ 50 million to their intention as early as the 18th of march, of which$ 6.4 Million reserved in Quebec.

Hosting women Canada has distributed the funds in a few days across the country, except in Quebec, where the federal assistance had to be approved and handled directly by the provincial government.

For Manon Monastesse, Fédération des maisons d’hébergement pour femmes, Quebec would have been able to flatten the curve a bureaucratic more : “there are always delays, it is constitutional, but since it is in a state of emergency, the government would have been able to raise this approach, which is purely statutory “.

Ms. Bergeron’s checks have started to arrive as early as mid-may. It promises a second wave quickly.

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