Shemar Moore in mourning : her father is dead, he paid homage upsetting

Shemar Moore en deuil : son père est mort, il lui rend un hommage bouleversant

Shemar Moore in bereavement : his father died, he wrote her a message upsetting

On his account Instagram, Shemar Moore has announced a sad news : the death of his father. The actor, SWAT unveiled a photo of the burial, before paying tribute in a few words to his father. A message very moving, in which he admits that he and his dad did not see.

Shemar Moore has lost his father

This Sunday, January 5, 2020, Shemar Moore has announced the death of his father on Instagram. In mourning, the star of the series SWAT has sent a last message to his father. In the caption of his latest post, the actor of 49 years was thus stated : “Sherrod Franklin ‘freedom’ Moore… The man who helped give me life… My father… Rest in peace… I would have liked to take the time to get to know each other… but… we have not done it”.

Shemar Moore and his father did not, therefore, but this does not prevent the actor from being touched by the death of his progenitor. On the photo, the one who had been given power to make her return in Criminal Minds was revealed on the day of the funeral, all dressed in black and wearing a cap to hide his tears, and/or conceal his identity. On the image, it has joined hands for a final prayer to the attention of his father.

“I hope that you have found peace”

In the sequel to the legend of the picture, Shemar Moore is also sure to be “grateful” to his father “giving me life” and grateful for his commitment in the army”. It was indeed a veteran soldier who fought for his nation for several years.

His message continues : “Then, it was silence… But regardless of that, I found my way into the show and I found myself”. “I hope you dance finally in full freedom,” said the one who was also in mourning last year, due to the death of Kristoff St. John, “and that you have found peace”.

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