Sherbrooke: accessibility to day camps reduced

Sherbrooke: l’accessibilité aux camps de jours réduite

SHERBROOKE – Despite the intentions of Quebec to compensate the cities for the additional costs, the seven camps of days Sherbrooke not be able to accommodate 60 % of its usual clientele.

Between 5000 and 7000 children are receiving services summer day camps in Sherbrooke for an attendance rate of a little more than 26 000 days. Unfortunately this summer, the accessibility will be reduced one-third at least, because of the rules health and a lack of numbers.

The restricted groups of 5 to 7 children per facilitator, each group, each requiring its own local translates to a lack of space and staff.

To date, 85 positions facilitators are bridging, and about a hundred additional premises need to be found. For the City, the additional costs amounted to 621 000 $.

The registrations are already started at the camp Loisirs Fleuri-Is that already full to 90 %. Care was taken to ensure that the customer with special needs is not adversely affected.

At the Centre Multi-Entertainment, the registrations are conducted online. We are always on the search for a fifteen facilitators. Even with these additional personnel, one can question whether we will be able to serve half of the 450 children that it welcomes every summer.

For parents who have not yet enrolled their young, time is of the essence. On a first-come, first-served basis and no privilege will be given to essential workers.

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