Sherbrooke: the imposition of the mask in the bus reassures

Sherbrooke: l'imposition du masque dans les autobus rassure

SHERBROOKE | The Société de transport de Sherbrooke and a few of its users say that they are reassured by the obligation to wear the mask to board a bus, from the 13th of July.

At the present time, less than 30 % of users carry the cover face, estimated.

The Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) has to say satisfied with the announcement, but she wonders how to enforce this measure.

The bus drivers have great responsibilities, has been the chairman of the STS, Marc Denault. All possibilities are on the table, including the use of security officers.

In addition, the STS is considering to organise another distribution of masks. The week of 18 June, it had distributed more than a thousand.

Opinions are divided as to Three-Rivers


The users of the Société de Transport de Trois-Rivières (RTC) are divided by the obligation, as of 13 July, the port mask in buses from all over Quebec for 12 years and over.

For some, the new rule is welcome. For others, it is superfluous. One thing is for certain, the users have two weeks to prepare for the change.

“There are those who wash their hands, others are not… This is not all the world, which is in agreement with the sanitary measures then need to manage, it is a different story”, explained in an interview with TVA News an armchair of the RTC.

For those who do not wish to collaborate, they will be denied access to the bus.

“Our drivers, they are drivers, not police officers of the masks that will do the discipline, then it will require the collaboration of users,” said the head of communications at the RTC, Charles-Hugo Norman.

It is difficult to have data on the number of people who wear it. One thing is for certain, they are more likely to have adopted, according to drivers.

“The buses are good places for the transmission of community then it’ll help slow down the contamination,” said the director of public health at the CIUSSS Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, Dr. Marie-Josée Godi.

The RTC has already distributed some 800 masks to the users in the last days to the different terminals of Three-Rivers. The surplus that has not been distributed is still available in the offices of the Center for organizational mauritian services and popular education (COMSEP).


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