“She's just going to introduce us to her new gloss”, Rihanna at the Super Bowl 2023 concert, Internet users are already laughing

"She's just going to show us her new gloss", Rihanna at the Super concert Bowl 2023, Internet users are already laughing

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"She's just going to introduce us to her new gloss", Rihanna at the Super Bowl 2023 concert, Internet users are already laughing

Rihanna will perform the Super Bowl concert in February 2023, fans are already laughing It's official, it's Rihanna who will perform the Super Bowl LVII concert on February 12, 2023 in the USA. A real event in the world of music, which is already mocked on Twitter. In question ? As the fans of the young mother and companion of ASAP Rocky point out with humor, it has been years since the release date of her album R9 has been long overdue and some still doubt her talents as a singer.

After a concert that tickled the nostalgia of all rap fans in 2022, the Super Bowl LVII halftime show – which will be organized on February 12, 2023 in the USA, will give way to a real miracle. And for good reason, as the NFL has just announced, it is Rihanna who has this time been chosen to do the show.

Rihanna is back for.. . the Super Bowl

An event as unexpected as it is surprising since, if the recent mother of a little boy has never really moved away from her audience (we have been able to see her in the cinema, in series and she has launched several beauty and lingerie products with her Fenty Beauty brand in recent years), music seems on the contrary to have taken a secondary place in her life.

< p>Where the 34-year-old artist unveiled 8 albums between 2005 and 2016, her fans have now been waiting with hope (and weariness) for six years for the release of “R9”, a new opus that she has been teasing since 2017 already. and that she was even supposed to record in the studio in 2019 according to her own words.

Internet users laugh at such a comeback

Also, although the announcement of her presence at the Super Bowl concert delights the whole world today, who is eager to find the little genius of dancehall and RnB, many Internet users also did not fail to make fun of such a choice. Some doubt her abilities as a show girl after so many years in the background, while others suspect her of plotting a huge marketing stunt for Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna, she's going to start the Super Bowl with 'What's My Name' since we all forgot about her” can we read on Twitter, just like, “Rihanna when she discovered that this 'was not a talk about Fenty Beauty at the Super Bowl but that she had to sing“, or even “Rihanna who sees our tweets on the Super Bowl when she is just going to present her new gloss< /em>“. Yes, it stings, but it's somewhat justified.

For now, if Rihanna has also communicated about this concert through a simple post on Instagram, the singer has not yet replied to the fantasy of his fans: does this concert mean that a new album is to be expected in the weeks/months to come? We can't wait to find out.