“She's not a good woman”: Laurent Ruquier violently settles his accounts with an ex-host of France 2

"She's not a good woman": Laurent Ruquier violently adjusts his accounts with an ex-host of France 2

By Quentin Piton Journalist Series – Cinema Journalist specializing in series, cinema, but also anime and manga. Spends his time dreaming of Emma Watson, considers Olivier Giroud the GOAT and refuses to speak with those who are against the absolute truth which is: How I Met Your Mother is a better series than Friends. While Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) spends his time talking about family in the world of television, Laurent Ruquier has just reminded us that the atmosphere outside the cameras was far from rosy. The host of Children of TV and Big Heads took advantage of an interview to clash with a former host of France 2.

After 35 years of career, Laurent Ruquier is currently everywhere. Whether on the radio in Les Grosses Têtes (RTL) or on TV on France 2 with Les Enfants de la télé or Paris Première with Club Première< /em>, the popularity of the animator is undeniable and he continues to be acclaimed by the public. Good news for anyone who made a huge blunder live recently.

However, if everything seems to smile on the presenter, this does not mean that he has had a quiet journey. During an interview with Télé-Star, the enemy of reality TV stars confessed that a scar had still not healed: that of Catherine Barma's betrayal.

Laurent Ruquier settles his accounts

Long-time partners on many projects (We're not lying, We don't ask laughing at it) whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, both have now been cold for several years after the famous France 2 talk show stopped. pay nearly one million euros in damages to the producer for the sudden termination of commercial relations.

A judgment that he still contests today and which prevents him from opening the door to any reconciliation with Catherine Barma. “It ended badly, by her fault, he railed with the magazine. She was dishonest, she has no affect“. Then, after recalling the reason for the stoppage of We are not lying, “At the end, I did not want her to produce me anymore” in order to to regain his freedom, Laurent Ruquier did not hesitate to say, “She's not a good woman“.

Particularly strong remarks that should not help in his call, but which shows that TV… it's not just TV.