Shhh! The light bulb hanging from the ceiling we were being spied on.

Chut! L’ampoule pendue au plafond nous épie.

First, a warning. The paranoid should not read what follows…

After the telephone tapping, smart-phones, pirated, microphones implanted in the walls, the laser beams that pick up the sound vibrations of conversation on the windows, it is now necessary to add to the tools of espionage sound any bulb hanging in a room that is visible from a distance.

Of israeli researchers at Ben-Gurion University and the Weizmann Institute of Science have developed a new technique of listening they call “lamphone”. I translate by ” ampoulophone “. Any laptop with less than a thousand dollars of equipment (a telescope, sensor and electro-optical to $ 400) can capture all the sounds in a room up to 250m of distance by decoding the vibrations are tiny (a few hundred microns only) that the conversations create on the glass surface of the bulb. A spy can listen to and save them.

In order to realise their experiment, the researchers placed a telescope outside of the building about 50m from the bulb of the room focused, the eyepiece of the telescope being in front of a sensor, electro-optical. The electrical signals generated were then transformed into digital data.

The technique, which is still in its infancy, this for now some limits. The researchers used a bulb hanging. Is that a light bulb mounted in a lamp fixed, or ceiling vibrerait enough to generate an audio signal ? This technique should also apply to the new LED bulbs with a signal to noise ratio of about 6.3 times higher than that of an incandescent light bulb.

It is an emerging technology, it is certain that future research will only improve with time. The us NSA and its equivalents in Russian and china-are no doubt already to improve it. The team used a sensor with electro-optical and an analog to digital converter cheap. Equipment much more sophisticated exist and are in possession of the secret services.

For the paranoid who have read my blog so far, and are convinced to be already the subject of monitoring with “ampoulophones”, there is a way unstoppable to defend : close the curtains and/or turn off the light.

The technical electronic spying is getting better.

A researcher has shown in 2014 that the gyroscope of a smart phone compromise can pick up sound even if the malware is implanted may not have access to his microphone.

In the 80 years, the secret services of several countries (including Canada) used a technology that made it possible to capture several hundreds of meters in what was being written on the crt screen of a targeted computer. We used the “effects of Van Eck”, named after the discoverer by Dutch phenomenon. The screens emitted electromagnetic emanations that could be collected at a good distance and allow spies to monitor in real time the writing or the reading of a text to the screen.

In Canada, what was being written on the screens of the foreign embassies in Ottawa, or opponents”interior” of the government could be registered in a vehicle parked hundreds of metres. To protect from this type of monitoring, the cathode ray tube ” computer sensitive “, the NATO countries had developed a technology called “Tempest” that prevented them from emitting electromagnetic radiation.

This technique of electronic spying has she survived the replacement of crt screens by flat screens of the computers of today ? Well yes. As of 2007, scientists were able to “rebuild” it from electromagnetic emanations of the images appearing on laptops and LCD flat screens. You can’t stop progress, particularly in the area of electronic spying.

Fast!!! Turn off your laptop or tablet. If your computer is connected to a power outlet, unplug it ! It does not take luck.

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