Shields made by special employees

Des visières faites par des employés spéciaux

JOLIETTE | workers with limitations, have not hesitated to return to the job full pandemic in order to make protective shields.

When the foreman of the company Serlan in Joliette, Pierre Clément, has invited its 24 employees to return to work on may 19, they did not pray.

“They were all very happy to come back and participate in the fight against the pandemic “, said Mr. Clement.

For the past thirty years, the company Lanaudière hiring of people with limitations to perform tasks of labelling of products.

For these people with a disorder on the autism spectrum, hearing impaired or aphasic, the work is more than a way to earn money : it represents a space of socialization and valuable. Their new mandate ? Manufacture of the visors of protection anti-droplet-in plastic for adults and children.


Changes in routine can be a source of anxiety for people with such limitations.

“Our fear was that the measures of distance are not respected, but on the contrary, they are hyper vigilant. This is very serious for them, ” says Mr Clement.

“We had to think of a work string so that the fewest possible people handling the material,” explains the director of Serlan, Jessica Laforêt. Everything is disinfected before being put in the bag. ”

Gloved, masked, and dressed in a safety suit from feet to head, everyone is focused on his task. It is necessary to cut the elastic and the velcro, the glue, cut the plastic visors, to put it all together, paste the label, including the model for children, which allows you to write a name, and put everything in plastic bags.

Wanders of to go

“It is rather easy to work on, it has not had the misery to adapt,” says Martin Gaudet, with anxiety disorders, which size the visors of plastic with a press-cutting.

In a few days, the team took its cruising speed.

“We managed to get 424 visors the other day. It was our biggest day, ” says Vanessa Patry-Taylor. The young woman suffering from dysphasia and borderline personality disorder, is to stick the velcro on the elastic.

“For the moment, there are pharmacies as customers, but the visors, developed according to the specifications issued by the federal government and can be used in environments in medical, educational, industrial, catering and even the hairdresser “, said Pierre Camiot, of the company RTFAK, Saint-Jacques, who commanded the shields to Serlan.

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