Shocking humor offered at Just for Laughs

Shocking humor offered at Just for Laughs


A huge success for years at Just For Laughs, the Nasty Show had never had its French counterpart. Quebec-Greek comedian Pantelis has remedied the situation by creating Les Rebelles, a first meeting on Thursday evening in which Jean- François Mercier and Maxim Martin.

It had been years since Pantelis Palioudakis “harassed” the Just for Laughs team to present a French version of the Nasty Show

The Greek-born comedian, who has often collaborated with Mike Ward in recent years, was told that the public may not be ready for this kind of caustic humor. Still, at Zoofest, shows like GHB Humor and The XXX Show were very successful.

It finally got the green light this year to mount Les Rebelles. On the poster, we find humorists recognized for their outspokenness: Jean-François Mercier, Maxim Martin, Charles Deschamps, Preach and… Thomas Levac. 

The latter being involved in the recent controversy over Philippe Bond, his presence remains uncertain in the show. “I think he's going to be there,” Pantelis said. He never told me he wasn't coming. But if he doesn't come anymore, I'll understand. 

His “brother” Mike Ward

Anyway, Pantelis already has a few surprises up its sleeve to liven up the show. He tells us that a certain humorist friend, who has just filled the Bell Center with more than 21,000 spectators, will be performing. “I definitely wouldn't do anything without him,” Pantelis says of Mike Ward.

It was in 2012 that Pantelis started doing stand-up in English. In 2018, when he was thinking of letting everything go, he met Mike Ward. The latter really liked his style of humor which was similar to his and he invited him to test a new English-speaking podcast with him. This is where 2 Drink Minimum was born, which now has nearly 300 episodes. 

“Mike is more than a friend . Now I consider him my brother, said Pantelis. He's done a lot of things for me, for my career.” Ward convinced him to try his luck on stage in French. “For me, this is brand new. I am like a child. I'm learning a lot of things. »

The show The Rebels – United to disturb< /strong> will take place Thursday evening, at 9 p.m., at Jean-Duceppe's.