Shocking trend for Pets

Pets change eye shape and even skin grafts

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Появился шокирующий тренд для домашних животных

Pets do plastic surgery

In world are becoming a popular plastic surgery for animals. Pets change eye shape and even skin grafts. About the latest trends beauty learned correspondent “Today,” George Marinov.

Galina from Kiev Uchikawa took my Labrador to the clinic of plastic surgery, when I realized that it does not satisfy the appearance of the animal.

“The dog was at half-mast lashes. Us surgeon advised to get plastic surgery. We agreed, happy with the result, – the woman tells. – The dog looks rejuvenated for a year or two”.

Plastic surgery for Pets is very popular and safe service, says the surgeon. Thus the owners to fix physical flaws, make the skin tightening and even correcting the eyes of their Pets.

“We can even change the cornea in order to restore a more aesthetic appearance of the animal. Carry out plastic surgery to replace torn ligaments injured, the recovered shape of the ear and get a good result,” – says Pavel Pulniashenko, a plastic surgeon for animals.

However, there are owners that change the appearance of the four-legged just for fun. For example, as Chinese, which made the correction of the shape of the eyes of his cat, that animal was like her.

Paul Pulniashenko condemns such abuse. Says plastic surgeons have to improve the lives of the animals, not maim them.

However, some owners resorted to a less traumatic ways to change the appearance of Pets. For example, Japanese Kyoto Tekitav the sake of similarity with the Panda just painted my dog. Video with this handsome man watched by millions of people around the world.

We will remind, shirts for Pets at the peak of popularity. In addition, we wrote that in Ukraine has started a campaign to ban the use of animals in circuses.

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Появился шокирующий тренд для домашних животных

Появился шокирующий тренд для домашних животных

Появился шокирующий тренд для домашних животных


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