Shooting at a couple of black delivery men: no charges against a 40-year-old from Florida

Shots at black delivery couple: Florida man in his 40s not charged


A 40-year-old who allegedly fired at a couple of young black adults who had gone to the wrong address while delivering groceries will not face any charges.  

On April 15, Waldes Thomas and his girlfriend Diamond D'arville, both 19, were making deliveries for Instacart in Broward County, Florida when they parked their vehicle in the wrong driveway, 'The Independent' reported on Monday. 

Soon the owner of the property, Antonio Caccavale, 43, came out to confront the two individuals.  ;

“We were trying to explain to him that we were there for [deliveries], and he took it badly – instead of just calling the police, to say 'I have trespassers on my lawn', he decided to shoot,” the young man reportedly told local television station WTVJ. vehicle, which was hit by several bullets. 

“I was scared, I'm not going to lie,” continued the young woman. 

However, since the two adults were on the 40-year-old's property, and since the latter would not have broken any laws, the Davie police would have chosen not to lay charges.

“This is not is just not fair – even if you have a gun, I understand that you just want to protect your family, but you don't just go out shooting, ”said the shaken young woman. 

On Friday, police said charges would have been considered not only for Antonio Caccavale, but also for Waldes Thomas, who allegedly hit a rock and the shooter's foot while fleeing. 

“Each part seems to justify his actions based on the circumstances they perceived,” Detective Patrick Di Cintio said, according to NBC News. the nation when an 84-year-old man allegedly seriously injured a 16-year-old black teenager, Ralph Yarl, who had gone to the wrong door, by shooting him twice.