Shooting in isolation with my parents

Tournage en isolement avec mes parents

The third season of Discussions with my parents will be done in a manner unprecedented in Quebec : the players will spend the duration of the shoot isolated from the rest of the world, quarantined in a hotel.

This strategy has been adopted to allow actors to play at least 2 metres of distance, one of the actions listed in the famous guide of health standards for a resumption of the shooting of fiction, expected this week.

In interview to the Newspaper, the producer Guillaume Lespérance indicates that he could hardly consider turning to the new episodes of Discussions with my parents otherwise. “Our series, it is the family dinners, meetings… It is unthinkable to keep all of the characters to 2 meters. “

A ” bubble “

With the endorsement of the government, the filming of Discussions with my parents, will restart on the 28th of June. 15 to 20 team members, including the 3 lead actors, François Morency, Vincent Bilodeau and Marie-Ginette Guay, will be confined in a hotel after each day spent in the studio. And on the weekends.

In total, 37 days of shooting are planned. While during the first season, the camera was travelling 4 days per week, this year, this number will increase to 5. “The idea is to be able to free up the actors as soon as possible for them to get out of this bubble and they found their life was before “, explains Guillaume Lespérance. The producer, supported by Radio-Canada ensures that he would not have gone ahead if it had not obtained the agreement of all persons concerned.

This type of shooting should lead to an increase in production costs of approximately 10 %, estimated Lespérance. “I have never believed that it would be impossible to turn into a full pandemic. It is much more complex and difficult, but it is doable. It is necessary to find a way to do it because you could be in exactly the same situation as today in 2021 and 2022. “

Although it has put in place a strict protocol, Guillaume Lespérance is taking a risk in re-launching the shooting of Discussions with my parents, since insurance companies refuse now to cover any problem related to the coronavirus.

A challenge

The man of tv is, however, well placed to meet the challenge, as he has a product everyone is talking about in full pandemic. He recalled that, in April, no one has been contaminated after the passage of a guest (Dr. David Lussier) who had contracted the COVID-19, because of a “protocol severe” had been put in place.

“We are living difficult moments, but I find it hyper motivating to try to find solutions to get through this crisis. Television in Quebec, we have always managed to do a lot with little means. It was a chance to shine by showing our know-how. Why he would have to wait as Netflix and Amazon come to turn the series in Montreal before moving ? Why should the watch go ? “

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