Shootings: Plante and Legault call for Trudeau government to get involved

Shootings: Plante and Legault demand that the Trudeau government involve

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The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, and the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, once again urged the Trudeau government to do more to fight against the trafficking of firearms, while the metropolis is still grappling with the problem of shootings.

“We cannot shovel everything, but there is a responsibility on the Ottawa side,” said Mr. Legault at a press briefing. He recalls that each level of government must act according to their own powers.

Last week, Thomas Trudel became the third teenager to be killed in the metropolis, after Meriem Boundaoui in February and Jannai Dopwell Bailey in October.

“We're all worried about what happened to three kids recently. It’s not the Montreal we know, it’s really worrying, ”added Mr. Legault.

This was the first meeting between François Legault and Valérie Plante since the latter's re-election.

The two took a bus on Pie-IX to observe the progress of the work of the SRB, including the he inauguration is scheduled for fall 2022, before going to Château Dufresne to address the media. Their meeting comes as police announced large arms seizures on Monday morning.

“We have a problem at the borders. I understand that this is a sensitive issue, but to govern is to choose, and you have to take responsibility, ”said Ms. Plante, addressing the federal government.

In the aftermath of the Mr. Trudel's death, the mayoress of Montreal reiterated her desire that the Canadian government do more to fight arms trafficking. Mr. Legault also traveled to Montreal last week to pay tribute to the young teenager who died.

In the summer, Ms. Plante also brought together the mayors of the four other largest cities in the province. to put pressure on the federal government.

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