Short stays in the United States: the pre-arrival PCR test reinstated

Short stays in the United States: the PCR test pre-arrived e reinstated

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Ottawa reinstates the pre-arrival PCR test for all travelers, including those traveling to the United States for short stays of less than 72 hours.

This measure, which was abandoned at the end of November, will be reinstated on December 21, due to the rapid progress of Omicron.

Dr Theresa Tam, chief administrator of the Public Health Agency, admits that after such a short stay there is a strong possibility that a pre-arrival test will not catch everyone with the virus.

Nonetheless, she indicates that the incubation time for Omicron appears to be less than for its cousins, based on preliminary data.

The variant is already present in 11 of the 13 provinces and territories of the country, indicates the Federal Public Health, which lists nearly 350 cases for the moment. Most of those affected have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. & Nbsp;

But, even though this virus is less severe, it is so transmissible that it can cause more cases and overwhelm the health system. , insisted Dr. Tam, once again calling on Canadians to “adjust their holiday plans.”

The number of contacts should be reduced by at least three to control the level of transmission, indicates the Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos. “Only keep in touch with members of your household,” said Dr Howard Njoo, deputy chief administrator of the Public Health Agency.

The variant is now present in more than 70 country. Ottawa is effectively lifting restrictions that only applied to the ten African countries initially blacklisted. Travelers from these countries will now be treated like everyone else.

The federal government still believes that it can test all arriving travelers at all airports across the country, which is still not if so, more than three weeks after the announcement. & nbsp;

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