Shortage of liquor in some grocery stores

Pénurie de liqueur dans quelques épiceries

A dozen employees have contracted the COVID-19 in a factory of the Coke Canada Bottling in Lachine, which had to temporarily cease its activities, the time to disinfect everything.

The interruption of service of Coca-Cola products bottled in this location could cause some shortages, temporary at various shops, as is already the case in some grocery stores.

However, the situation will have no impact on the restaurants that offer drinks and fountain, underlines the spokesperson of the company, Nicola Krishna.

“We work in close collaboration with the local public health agencies, and we encourage all our employees to take the test. We received the results of 114 tests, of which 99 have returned a negative result “, she said.

Placed in isolation

All employees who may have been in contact with a positive case have also been notified and are placed in solitary confinement for the time prescribed, according to Ms. Krishna.

“Our products are safe to use. The health authorities have indicated that there are no known transmission of the COVID-19 by the food, ” she adds.

The activities of the factory are expected to resume Monday.

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