Shortage of stocks: the SAQ tries to reassure its customers

Shortage of stocks: the SAQ tries to reassure its customer

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The management of the SAQ sent a letter to its customers to reassure them about the supply problems related to the labor dispute within the company.

< p> “Our priorities for the next few days: establish inventories in branches and on and ensure the restocking of restaurants in Quebec”, wrote Catherine Dagenais, President and CEO of SAQ, in a message sent to her customers .

“As you know, they have been strongly affected by the pandemic and we are currently deploying a series of measures to prevent the resumption of their activities from being weakened by this conflict which is not theirs”, a- She added.

Remember that the 800 or so unionized employees who work in the SAQ warehouses announced on Tuesday evening the suspension of their strike and their return to work. They will walk out again from Monday if no significant progress is made in the negotiations.

The strike that began on Monday was beginning to have effects in Quebec, while the supply of bottles to branches, but also to restaurants, bars, grocery stores and convenience stores, was interrupted.

Like many other restaurateurs, Nicola Cortina, owner of the Michelangelo restaurant in Quebec City, has expressed concern about this conflict, while he is awaiting orders for privately imported wines.

“I have about 90 cases on the private import which were to arrive to me last Wednesday and which did not arrive, hoping that they arrive Wednesday (…) We will live with that. We are going to offer customers other things, “said Mr. Cortina in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

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