Should we keep them or give them away?

Keep them or give them away?


How to declutter our house by getting rid of unnecessary things that we keep out of habit while avoiding falling into the trap of acting without any flexibility? 

In our cupboards and in our decor

It will be easier to part with an object that has not been used for a long time. In addition, our attachment to this object will be less if it is damaged or if it needs “a lot of love”. to please us again. If an object clashes with your current decoration, get rid of it immediately. In a few weeks, you won't even think about it…

The “just in case…” encourage us to keep objects. If you haven't found the opportunity to use them in the last year, it's probably better to give them a second life in another house.

Your grandmother's crockery has sentimental value to you even if you never use it. If you think you have treasures, photograph them and consult an antique dealer or visit a specialist's shop to find out their value. Whether the result is a happy surprise or a disappointment, it will be easier for you to make the right decision, either to give the object to a family member, to sell it or to offer it to an organization like Renaissance.

A peek into your wardrobe

How to make a good selection and not give in to the temptation to keep clothes that only clutter up your closet?

Give them away if…

  • you bought this item of clothing on sale even though it didn't was not going very well. Believing you have made a good deal, you hope that a crush will occur;
  • on the contrary, you have paid for this garment very dearly and you hesitate to give it away in case you could alter it to bring it up to date;
  • you like its color, but this garment ages you, does not flatter your silhouette and does not suit you;
  • you haven't worn this item of clothing in over two years.

Go ahead… donate these items of clothing to a women's center , For example ; they will find a buyer, that's for sure!