Showed a photo of a man who is 29 years old eats canned food

Doctors diagnosed Colston Hughes upset the electoral power

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Показали фото мужчины, который 29 лет питается консервами

The Briton is 29 years old eat canned

Out of frustration of electoral power is a 32-year-old Colston Hughes of the English town of Dursley, Gloucestershire, more 29 years can’t eat cooked food. Two years ago, he went to the doctor. Doctors suspected he might have an attention deficit disorder and referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed the disorder Hughes of electoral power. This is the website of Metro.

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The man claims that he gets sick from the sight, smell and texture subjected to heat treatment products. From two years he was sick if he tried to eat something cooked. In his childhood he was given to school lunch, sister, and myself almost all the time went hungry. Hughes often eats toast, spaghetti from a jar, canned goods, cereals, snacks and desserts.

Показали фото мужчины, который 29 лет питается консервами

Colston Hughes with children

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Colston Hughes is still suffering from their eating preferences, but maintains a healthy weight and trying to be active. Before going to the gym, he drinks protein shakes.

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