Showed an incredible photo of the 120-year-old “time capsule”

Plate negatives taken in 1900, a photographer discovered in the basement of his house

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Historian of photography from Paris Mathieu stern published photos, which the local girl made 120 years ago and placed in “time capsule”. He also shot a video clip and posted it on their YouTube channel (descrate the news until the end to see the video).

On the page in Instagram stern said plate negatives taken in 1900, he found in the basement of his house. They were in a box with different objects. The man showed the negatives using the cyanotype – photographic process, giving when printing the image a blue tinge.

“Someone from my family told me that our old family home is a time capsule. And I actually found the box, dated around 1900, judging by the items and techniques photos,” wrote stern in his blog.

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On the developed images, the Frenchman saw the image of cats. Mathieu, commenting on one of the pictures, said that this photo was taken by a little girl.

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Recall workers during repairs in middle school, the North Canton (Ohio, USA) between lockers and the wall found a kind of “time capsule” – the bag that the student had lost 63 years ago.

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Показали невероятные фото из 120-летней "капсулы времени"

Показали невероятные фото из 120-летней "капсулы времени"

Показали невероятные фото из 120-летней "капсулы времени"

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