Showed “the best prom picture”

The photo shoot of the graduates broke actors who worked nearby

Vladimir Grisyuk

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Показали "самое лучшее фото с выпускного"

Actors in costumes of zombies came to prom

Ethan and Leah from the U.S. state of Georgia held a photo shoot under the flowering tree at the time of graduation. But they did not expect that the frame will break over 10 zombies.

“The photo shoot was the most typical: a couple of graduates in beautiful dresses holding hands, smiled and posed for the photographer on the background of spring greens. Suddenly a shot came out of nowhere, a zombie, told the publication People photographer Stephanie Smith.

As a result, instead of smiles, Stephanie took a video of Ethan and Leah nervously look around and not understand what is happening and how to behave. Although they knew that they were filming a series about the zombie Apocalypse “the Walking dead”.

“We had no idea where they came from. Everyone laughed and at the same time was a little scared, but continued shooting,” admits Smith.

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It turned out that the shooting broke actors who worked nearby. The crowd began a lunch break, and saw a photo shoot of Ethan and Leah, the zombies decided not to get out of the way and scare a carefree couple.

Netizens in the comments write that this “best prom picture”.

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Показали "самое лучшее фото с выпускного"

Показали "самое лучшее фото с выпускного"

Показали "самое лучшее фото с выпускного"


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