Shows drive-ins warmer-than-expected

Des shows en ciné-parcs plus chaleureux que prévu

The duo 2Frères was the first quebec artist to launch the idea of singing in drive-in theaters. Eric and Sonny Caouette have tested the formula for the first time, Tuesday evening, at the Bay of Beauport, in the framework of the series TD musiparc. Their verdict : it is more user-friendly than they thought it would be.

“I was expecting that the atmosphere is cold due to the fact that people were going to be in their cars and that it was going to be difficult to communicate with us their happiness to be present. Finally, it was much, much warmer than what I was expecting, ” says Sonny Caouette, who noticed that several of the spectators got out of their vehicles to enjoy the concert.

So two brothers satisfied that The Newspaper had encountered in the lobby of their hotel in Quebec city, Wednesday. Satisfied, but with the fingers amochés, they confessed.

“I hadn’t played a lot of guitar for the containment,” says Éric Caouette.

The latter confesses that he was nervous “as rarely I have been nervous” before stepping on the scene on Tuesday night.

“From the outset, I am nervous the evenings of the first and there, it was a big one. It is a concept that we had never tested. Our staging was not too cohesive because we wanted to leave the freedom to adapt. Finally, we were in formula trio with multi-instrumentalist Dimitri Lebel, who is asked to divide his brain in a thousand, it plays a little bit of everything. All I stressait, ” says the singer and guitarist.

Several spectators were presented earlier in the evening.

Visiting risky in Émile

Technically, apart from the presence directly on the stage of their sound, the brothers have not noted major differences with the shows normal.

The insertion of a segment where they were taking live requests that the public had received online allowed, however, to add a dose of risk to the show because they didn’t know about some of the titles claimed, which It will, Emile Bilodeau.

“We knew to have heard it often, but we had never done,” says Sonny.

“I may already be scratched among us, for the fun, but I had never learned. Personally, it doesn’t bother me because the goal is precisely to be put in danger. “

Horns for the reminder

Ciné-parc or not, 2Frères has respected the tradition of coming back for an encore. Except that instead of a standing ovation, it is honking and the lights flashing they have been claimed.

“It was really beautiful,” said Sonny Caouette.

So much so, that at least one car needed a battery boost to start again from the Bay of Beauport.

2Frères will be in concert at the ciné-parc Mercier, Thursday night and Friday, and the duo will be in Val-Morin, Saturday.

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